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Educating Professionals on Islands in GastroTourism

Information på svenska hittar ni lite längre ner :) 



You can now find the draft here on this page, at your right! If you have any feedback, ideas och comments - contact me! Also remeber that this is a draft under development.

Have a nice weekend!



Last week we finnished the draft of our course! Thank you to all stakeholders, both on the Åland Islands and on Saaremaa, for your efforts! It is important to remeber that this is just a draft of the course and now we are starting to develop it. The first step is to give it to our teachers and get their feedback. After receiving feedback from the teachers, we update the draft and send it to our stakeholders for feedback. And this is how we will work for a while to come - everything to get a course as good as possible for you! 

We will publish the draft here as soon as possible - stay tuned! 



Back to work! It seems like the summer was better than expected for our tourism sector even though there were some restrictions due to covid-19 :) 

At school the teachers arrived today - so fun to have everybody back again! I'm now waiting for the first Steering group meeting where we are going to decide if we are going to meet our project partners or not this autumn. Of course, we follow the recommendations that apply to travelers.

At least we are going to publish a draft of the course - stay updated! 



For the last weeks I've met a lot of stakeholders from the sectors of tourism and gastronomy to discuss what knowledge is missing in the sectors. At Saaremaa they've done the same. At the moment we are making summarys and it will be very interesting to compare the results between the two islands. We hope that the covid-19 situation is under controll in August so we get to meet each other and make the draft of the course! 

I will be at work until the 30th of June, if you have any questions or want to know more about the project or the course please contact me! 



Yesterday I visited Ny Nordisk Mat Åland - we got to share a lot of knowledge! 

Read more about the visit on our newly launched Facebook page GastroTourism - Education



In the coming week I will meet Ny Nordisk Mat Åland to present and discuss the project.

Are you intereseted in the project? Would you like to know more or do you have any wished about what the course should contain? Do not hesitate to contact me! 



Educating Professions on Islands in GastroTourism is a project aimed at students, teachers and people working in gastronomy and tourism. 

The aim of the project is to improve the level of knowledge in the sectors of tourism and gastronomy, by creating a course of 10 ECTS in gastronomic tourism. The course will be avaiable to both students and employees in the sectors and is both flexible and useful. 

The basis for the course is determined based on what the sectors want or need, the staff's knowledge and development are in focus. To gater information, we will use interviews and questionnaires. Everyone is welcome to contact us with imput! 

Some of the topics we hope to include in the course is sustainability, staycation, collaboration and how to prolong the peak season. 

The project is a collaboration between Åland Vocational School, Kuressaare Training Center on Saaremaa, and Gutegymnasiet on Gotland. Three islands, three vocational schools and many common challenges - all in the Baltic Sea. We hope to exchange many experiences and together create a course that will benefit the gastronomic tourism on our islands! 


Educating Professionals on Islands in GastroTourism

Period: 01.04.2020 - 31.12.2022

Lead Partner: Åland Vocational School

Total budget: 325.726€

Total budget, Åland Vocational School: 217.106€

ERDF, Åland Vocational School: 162.829,50€



Åland, lead partner

Erika Gustafsson

Saaremaa, project partner

Ave Paaskivi



Educating Professionals on Islands in GastroTourism är ett projekt som riktar sig till elever, lärare och personer som arbetar med gastronomi och turism. 

Målet med projektet är att höja nivån på kunskap inom branschen, detta genom att skapa en kurs på 10 ECTS(motsvarar 10kp) inom gastronomisk turism. Kursen ska finnas tillgänglig för både studerande och anställda inom branschen samt vara både flexibel och användbar. 

Grunden för examensdelen bestäms utgående från vad branschen önskar, personalens kunskap och utveckling ligger i fokus. För att samla information kommer intervjuer och frågeformulär att användas. Alla är välkomna att höra av sig med input!

Kunskap, hållbarhet, hemestrande, samarbete och hur vi ska förlänga högsäsongen är några av de ämnen som vi hoppas kunna inkludera i kursen. 

Projektet är ett samarbete mellan Ålands Yrkesgymnasium, Kuressaare Training Center på Ösel, och Gutegymnasiet på Gotland. Tre öar, tre yrkesskolor och många gemensamma utmaningar - alla i Östersjön. Vi hoppas kunna utbyta mycket erfatenheter och tillsammans skapa en kurs som ska gynna våra öars gastronomiska turism! 


Educating Professionals on Islands in GastroTourism

Period: 01.04.2020 - 31.12.2022

Lead Partner: Ålands Yrkesgymnasium

Total budget: 325.726€

Total budget, Ålands Yrkesgymnasium: 217.106€

ERDF:s andel för Ålands Yrkesymnasium: 162.829,50€